A strong happiness booster in my opinion would be Familiarity. The root  of ‘familiar’ is from the Latin word familiāritās  meaning “friendliness, intimacy”. When I think of familiar, I think of belonging or connection. When I am familiar with something I can recall a certain feeling, it’s hard to describe or explain isn’t it? I remember going to Poland and my friend was ecstatic saying “I remember this! I was here! I remember that!” And while I wanted to share this joy with her I was unable to because my memories of the place had not even begun. But that unique opportunity she had of recalling and feeling reconnected to a place I am quite ‘familiar’ with. I love this feeling. Perhaps this is the reason I am always flipping through old photos or revisiting the same places.

As much as I want to pursue adventure, I’ll never stop wanting to be familiar with the people and places of my past.


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