Christmas when you are a child:

1. Write a list of what you want

2. Leave it out with cookies on Christmas Eve

3. Hope for the best


Christmas when you are an adult:

1. Find out what you want.

2. Make a list (for the super ambitious)

3. Use New Years Resolutions to make it happen YOURSELF


Stigma about Failure

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I am becoming less afraid of failure. Embracing it more as a part of life. This whole entire blog might be a complete full-on failure. However, how much worse would it be if I kept it hidden and didn’t even try it at all.  Lately I have been weirdly proud of my failures, because at least its an indicator that I am trying. The greatest people have failed, (who hasn’t) but that didn’t stop them.  The less we are afraid of failure, the more failures we can make, and the closer we get to success which is just a failure gone right.

Luck exists. It’s that one time your failure or attempt isn’t actually a failure. Keep trying.  

If you have failed lately, I’d like to congratulate you. It may not look like it but you are moving closer to your goal.