You Will Miss Today One Day

I’m in love with so many quotes, I usually can’t just choose one as a favorite. But if I absolutely had to, this might be it.

“There are times in the lives of most of us when we would have given all the world to be as we were but yesterday, though that yesterday had passed over us unappreciated and unenjoyed.”

It’s just so perfect.  I think all can relate to it. Take today for example, when you wake up what do you first think about? This morning I thought about the fact that I’m currently without a job, I felt guilty for traveling when my grandpa is getting sick at home. I wondered if I’m making the right decisions. And these thoughts keep bouncing back throughout the day. And although I’m having a good day, I do let these things bring me down, and the unfortunate thing is that this goes on for longer than a day… and before I know it, it’s gone.

This can be applied to time in college, time abroad, or any period of your life. I’ve spent time abroad and although it was challenging and sometimes I wanted to cry, it was the most perfect and magical time if only I had opened my eyes and truly appreciated it as it was then.  I’ve been in college and had trying essays and unreasonable deadlines from professors and all I wanted to do was get out and start working, but of course once you’re stuck in a cubicle all you really do is reminisce about the carefree days of college.

So then I finally realized:

This moment, right now, will someday be a distant ‘yesterday’. And I will most likely want to get back this yesterday at some point in the future. So all I can do is make the most out of right now just as it is, with all the worries and fears, before it becomes my ‘yesterday’.

After writing this post I proceeded to have the worst day ever. Which I got even more frustrated knowing what I had just said about enjoying the now.

Strategy: think of three reasons why today is actually good.

Mine were: I don’t have to go to a job I hate, I’m not stressed out about any job-related things, at least two people in this world love me.

Three things. Remind yourself constantly and don’t think too much to get these three things.



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