Note to Self: Cultivate moments of happiness and positive habits…NOW

Why wait to feel happy and why wait to start improving your life when you can do it now, now now. Changing yourself for the better is so so easy once you figure out that secret weapon that successful people use to literally transform themselves overnight. 

What’s that they have? HABIT. I am messy. So messy. My hair is always a mess, I wreak havoc on my room, I can’t remember a meal where I DIDNT spill on my pants and I’m 23 years old. I realize I have to start taking care of myself a lot more. And I was thinking well I’ll do that later when I… Etc. basically it means it will never happen.

Cultivate good habits NOW and it will pay off later.

I would take the time out to sit down and think a bit.

1st write who you would like to become

2nd write what is holding you back from being that person

3rd create habits and make them Simple, Measurable, and Attainable

Then go and conquer the world as a new and improved You.

Oh and suggestion: Apply the one minute rule, if it can be done in less than one minute do it NOW.


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