You get what you FEEL like you deserve

what would you like to get out of your life?

i want a fulfilling job, a family of my own, lifelong friends, kind and loving husband. And a dog.

and i’m going to get all these things because recently I’ve been more open to feeling like I deserve it all! For some of us we have to shift our thinking. I really do think that we are our own worst enemy. And usually it’s me telling myself you won’t find a job, or you will be #foreveralone because you are messy and utterly undateable.

but it’s very powerful to say to yourself I deserve all good things and then give yourself 3 reasons why.

Have you ever told somebody ‘you deserve only the best!’ Well do that to yourself because you do, we all do. And if we start living like we deserve onlyy the best, we will receive so many good things in our life!


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