Get Lost in it

My friend gave me a sideways glance today, when I asked her if I seemed unhappy.  Her response was ‘Ehhh, yeah.” 

I realize I should probably share a bit more about myself and what I’ve been doing and where I’m at right now. I am twenty three years old, in the midst of a full blown quarter life crisis.  Always craved a sense of adventure, always just wanted to ‘fit in’, and always thinking. I think so much every day all the time about life I decided to write about it and share my thoughts because most of them are about life and how to live it better.  

I saved some money after I graduated, with the intent of teaching English abroad somewhere in Europe, picked Prague kind of like how you would be blindfolded and throw a dart at a map, and landed there in time for the New Year and New Life one year ago.  From there I went to Thailand because I’ve always wanted to go. Traveled other parts of Asia and now I literally feel like I’ve been thrown back into America and I’m utterly confused. 

The feeling of being home after my life in Prague and a life of happy, cheap, dirty travel is similar to the feeling when my orthodontist took my braces off and I felt my teeth for the first time in years. Whatever, that’s okay. Not that bad just strange and slimy, but the unemployment. 

Oh the job searching day in and day out is a soul-crushing, foul, torturous endeavor. But that’s the way it is with life, isn’t it. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Life is always like this. There’s no way around it. This is just ‘one of the things’ and I decided to get lost in it. I’m already lost anyways right? I went on a hike with a friend in Laguna Beach and while walking through the rolling hills and taking in the gorgeous coastal view I haven’t seen in years I just took it all in, got lost, and said alright well. Everything is going to be OK. 


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