Decluttering: The Top Trending Activity in Hollywood

I’ve discovered one of the ULTIMATE Secrets of Happiness.  One day I came home to an unrecognizable room. Nothing really happened to it, some guests stayed in it while I was gone but I just didn’t know really what I was sleeping in the first night I came back from Prague. I remember taking only a small part of my bed, getting under the covers and being very still. Then, over the next few days I got inspired to declutter and it was life changing. 

The joy you get from throwing away things, clearing off spaces, seeing your desk in order, rearranging furniture. I don’t care who you are. This process is enjoyable, therapeutic, and motivating. It’s like a drug.  Oprah swears by it, you can see it here:

(and just take a look at how happy Oprah looks, it’s no joke this decluttering fad) 

I even bought myself a small pocket book and it’s called Organizing for Dummies. The knowledge I gained from this embarrassing pocket book helped me transform my room and I literally smile when I walk in. Ps. Candles are not clutter. 

Get Started Now! 

Start with your desk. 

Go shelf by shelf.  

Buy Zip Loc Bags.

Assemble all old chargers and store them somewhere far far away.

Put all pens in one place.

Make everyday objects accessible but hidden. 

Create a filing system for all loose papers.

Donation box. 

Always put your keys in the same place. 

One Year Rule. If not used in the past year it doesn’t belong.

Find a home for everything. 

I love this one. Every object in your room should have a home, if you saw your unopened mail in the shower what would you do? Naturally put it where it belongs. Every object should be like that. 

Don’t underestimate the power of decluttering. I sound like a nut. But I’m okay with that because this is a game changer. 



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