Walking Intentionally


Let’s walk together. Where’s your favorite place to walk? Do you enjoy walking alone or with other people? Is walking or running part of your daily routine? The most fun walks I’ve been on are the ones where I intentionally “leave” my phone at home.  All other parts of the day, my phone is glued to my hand or at least in a 2 foot radius from me. It’s unhealthy, I know.  But that is why I take the time sometimes to get as far away from it as I can.

The chronic and very irritating problem I face is that I photograph and document everything on my iPhone.  It’s the same with writing things down. I feel like I’ll lose it if I don’t capture something brilliant someone just said or take a picture of every single animal at the zoo.  But the problem is: the minute I capture these moments, I regard the moment as stored away forever and literally forget about it and move on completely. (I don’t even go back to look at most of the pictures) So basically…the practice is not very productive or necessary but it is one of my compulsive habits.

Thus, the walks. 30 minutes each one.  No phones.  No cameras.  Usually along some body of water: a lake, pond, puddle, ocean.  I take in everyyything just as it is.  The colors, the silence, the movement of trees and birds.  I appreciate it more because I can’t just take a picture of it and have that false security that I’ll have the moment forever.  It makes the very ordinary moments in my walks seem like once in a lifetime.


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