Identity – Choose it

I’m loving this blog because it’s making me realize more and more who I am.  I was as lost as a person could be.  I listened to the world’s opinion of me, thought about it for a long time but then realized it wasn’t who I was.  I listened to my parent’s idea of me, thought about it and it wasn’t it.  I didn’t know.  I never knew and I never had a consistent idea or description of who I was. 

It didn’t help that I listened to myself too all the time tell me really terrible and awful things.  

“I’m fat.”

“I’m ugly.”

“Don’t do that! They’ll think you’re so weird, which you are.”

“You’re never going to be good at that.”

Thankfully, I became aware of these detrimental thoughts and once I was more aware I slowly and gently let them go.  What helped? The fact that these things are simply not true.  And it comes back to identity!  My own identity is still being shaped by times to come, it is still not a consistent, solid thing.  But, the important thing is what it’s not shaped by.  It’s not shaped by what other people think, what other people expect, what I even expect.  And also, my ‘identity’ is not even that important! The thing is, if you make one thing or some thing your identity but it’s one day lost it could be the hardest thing to lose and your happiness will go with it.  Your career, your hobby, no that’s not your identity.  We are all people before we are anyone or anything else.  

If you make your identity about something you cannot lose such as the values you hold close to your heart, it cannot be shaken.   



  1. You are your toughest critic. The idea of impermanence, the fact that EVERYTHING is in a constant state of flux, is one of the hardest things to grasp, but once you understand that we are constantly changing and growing, it is much easier to “roll with the punches”. Can’t wait to talk to you more about this.

  2. Curtis! Thank you. I think this is a fascinating subject and want to talk about it more!! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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