Moment of Happiness Thought

Sometimes it’s so easy to find what’s good in others, than to see it in yourself.  I know that I do this soo much.  I see the good easily in literally every single person I meet.  I immediately like you (usually I like you, on rare occasions I hate you and will always but that’s like extremely rare).  I immediately find something that I just trust, or really admire, and sometimes envy about you.  But with myself, nope.  I wish it was that easy.  Yes, we are our toughest critic but THAT’S NOT AN EXCUSE.  You need to stop living like that, finding the good in other people but not seeing it in yourself.  My greatest desire for anyone, especially those who randomly stumble onto this blog, is to love yourself with reckless abandon.  Because it’s fun, and just so much better than not believing in yourself.

As an exercise, write your name and how we met through the comments and I will write you something pointing out the good I’ve seen in you since we’ve met.  Life is too short to not be encouraged and I want to give all of the encouragement I can.  Because there is so much good in you and you need to open your eyes and see it, today!




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