What I Learned from A Starburst Wrapper

We have a jar of Starbursts at my work.

After I work I grabbed my daily after-work Starburst.  After chewing on it happily I proceeded to put the wrapper in my purse.  And at that moment I calculated how many nearby trash cans there were within short walking distance.  At least 3.  And I realized, why do I feel the need to hang onto this trash? I know that I clear my purse out every now and then (once a year).  But do I do this with my life as well? Sometimes I hang onto a bad feeling or mood, or an argument with someone who is done with and over lingers on and on in my mind.

I walked to a trashcan and threw it out instead of shoving it in my purse or pocket ‘for later’.  Do this with the negativity that seeps in to your life on occasion, get rid of it just as soon as you get it.  For me, it was my metaphorical example of a fruity candy that really got me to understand the concept of letting it go.  For others, it might be Frozen. But, bad thoughts come at us and sometimes we seem defenseless.  You are so not.  Take what you want from it, delete the rest. Chuck the rest.  Then and now. Not later.  How about right now? Today?





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