Please Always Remember Each Period of Life

Has it’s own magic.  It’s unique.  It’s riddled with problems, stress, doubt, and a new set of fears.  However, it’s a magical time in your life and much more rewarding and awesome than you think.  

It’s so much easier to get caught up in the negative sides of life.  You have extra bills to pay due to an extra commitment, you have deadlines you didn’t have before and you’re not sure if you can make ends meet.  The levels of uncertainty are above your head, I’ve been there.  I didn’t think I was going to get out alive either.  My parents have been there.  People I respect, all the ones who are famous for some great achievement have all been there as well.  

Please take the moment to see your circumstances in a different light,  remember that all the pleasures and joys as well as the fears and doubt will someday be gone.  So take advantage of it while it lasts, the good and the bad.  Focus on the good.  The silver lining. 



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