The Power of the 7 Year Rule

How do you mark your life? Sometimes it’s easy to use decades by age, 10-90.  But if you do this you only have 10 decades at most, and you tend to clump the 0-30 as being the prime, glory years and the 50-90 years together as the “I don’t know what I’ll be doing at that time but whatever” years.

I choose the power of applying the 7 year rule to look at your life.  I did this earlier today and it gave me an important reminder of how to live a little happier.

I was 17 once.  A confused, heavy eye make up wearing, cigarette smoking, 17 year old child.  7 years later I’m an alumni from a university, spent a year abroad, traveller, blogger, worried about my career and relationships.

Then I got to thinking…

Where the hellll will I be when I’m 31, 7 years from now? Probably light years away from where I am right now.  Before I was 17 I was 10, haha and I’m pretty certain my interests, worries, conversations with people were far different than 17.  Before 10 I was 3, I don’t think worries even existed.  So I wrote it all out.

3           10           17           24             31               38              45              52             59            66              73             80          87

Then I crossed out 3, 10, and 17.  I am 23 still so I still didn’t cross out 24, but look HOW MANY multiples of 7 there are after 24.  That’s a lot…and if I get stuck or depressed about something small here at the right before 24 mark…SHOOT! That’s a lot of life to be depressed and stuck.

My idea of success is to be 80 years old and happy, fulfilled, and ridiculously satisfied at the life I’ve lived and everyday that I’ve spent on this earth.  After writing down this chart (I did this on my shower glass because that’s where this profound idea just randomly struck me) my perspective shifted.  I realized I need to care less, realized that the little hells we face everyday WILL pass and be a distant memory, I need to keep going so that I can achieve my goal of being the happiest, craziest 80 year old woman that ever lived.  It’s not even an “I should probably relax, not freak out, and just move on: I NEED TO.”

Relax. There’s still so much more to come. 


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