Things to Avoid Doing as a Baby Adult

I have no idea what my life is going to be like. And that worries me and stresses me out. Especially because while I have that confusion, underlying I also have this deep gnawing sense of GO! The Dr. Seuss mantra of “Oh the Places You’ll Go” becomes aggressive when it’s like I live in Orange County and the places I’ll go are Starbucks and Chipotle. There are a few things that will kill you as a baby adult starting out in the real world. But only if you let it…

1. Wanderlust

Dang I struggle with this one! Sometimes I feel like I’m not living unless I’m in foreign territory, meeting new and exciting people, carving out my own adventure! I have this deeply engrained in me and I struggle when my baby adult life comprises of being in the same place for extended periods of time. Sounds horrible, but it’s harder for me to appreciate what’s in front of me because I’m concerned with the better things that are happening in different parts of the world.  I heeded some advice on this matter, and what I got is that I need to shift my perspective. What I am doing IS exciting, and this is tough for me with my flighty tendencies and the grass is greener over there mentality. But what I love even more: grass is greener where you water it.

2. Comparing yourself to strangers on the Internet

If you’re a baby adult like me, you go through the drastic ups and downs of daily life just like the rest of us. One day it’s HELL YA the other day it’s what am I doing with my life, should I sell my possessions and walk through a desert? Just kidding, maybe some of you aren’t that extreme. But I know you have dreams. I know you have goals and ambitions to find that passion, to be someone. Which is awesome, don’t let that go. You may have your own way of navigating to your big goal, and one thing that’ll kill you is social media comparison. With filters, hashtags, and likes, it’s all a game, don’t confuse it with reality. People will put up their best selves, the’ll put up their accomplishments, but what they most likely won’t put up is the struggle, the ugliness, the darkness. Which is good! I don’t want that depressing me on my Monday coffee scroll through Facebook. But don’t you fall into that comparison gap, we offer our best selves on social media. And this isn’t really all that natural: to be able to see what you’re locker mate from 6th grade is up to and how they’ve become a CEO of a non-profit in Uganda. That should take work and a considerable amount of stalking, but in this day and age readily available without you even clicking anything. Don’t let it bother you, hinder you, or take you away from your own focus of your goals, dreams, lives.

You, are exactly where you are meant to be right now. And remember you’re not staying here forever, the thing about life is that it’s always always changing.

3. Too High Expectations on Yourself

Toilet seat covers. I was coming back from a Vegas Half Marathon with a 4 hour drive ahead and all of a sudden I gasped, “TOILET SEAT COVERS!” Part of my job responsibility at this moment and time as a baby adult is making sure that there are enough supplies in the bathrooms at our office. Including toilet seat covers. Realizing all of a sudden that I had failed to do so I was really bothered. Then 15 minutes later I realized how much this worry about toilet seat covers was taking away from the present moment. When I got back to the office, toilet seat covers were refilled because we had extra at the office, but anyways it will always and forever be a metaphor for me to not sweat the little things. A lot of things in life are like toilet seat covers and what a shame if you allow these things to cloud your present moment with irrational fear and worry.

Lastly, thinking you’re the only one who has these problems, this stress, and this confusion. More people than you think have the same exact quarter life questions, issues, problems, doubts, and fears. Maybe the best thing to do is to go and talk about it, to not be ashamed or fearful of not having it all together. You’’ll find that so many people will be able to relate to you and you can laugh about it because the truth is, no one knows, we’re all just doing the best we can.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s refreshing to know that I am not alone in this post grad life – seems like everyone has it figured out except for me, but now i’m a little more reassured this isn’t the case – Thanks Andi!

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