Keep Moving Forward

I have a spot I go to down in Laguna Beach to be alone, to be with God and to rest and be filled.

I needed/wanted to go the day after the rainstorm. The entrance to the beach that I usually always go to was blocked. I went to another one and saw that the water had come up pretty far up. For some reason though I was committed to go to that rock that I always sit at.

A little foolishly, I climbed up a wet and slippery rock and hoisted myself over so that I got to sit on that rock. And that’s when I realized that it was okay going UP that but would NEVER be okay to go down that. It was so slippery and steep and the chances of me falling and getting hurt was almost inevitable.

At that point I was pretty scared. So I looked forward, the water was coming up a lot (there’s a technical term for that, high tide?) anyways, there were little patches of sand between rocks that I would have to cross in between waves and then I’d have to climb back on rocks and dodge waves again to get to an area of the beach where it wasn’t rocky.

I had a choice – either to go back and possibly break my neck or to move forward and to get wet and to calculate and strategize how to not get swept away by waves. Both had risks but I knew, and I heard so clearly at that moment: don’t go back, it’s dangerous to go back the way you came. You have to move forward, I’ll be with you.

“Oh, you can’t get out backwards. You’ve got to go forwards to go back, better press on.” – Willy Wonka


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