Risk for Connection

I heard this song before I watched the music video. After I watched the music video something stirred within. What I thought about was how brave people are. Even people just going on dates. People who dared to do this experiment. Was I too scared? And why? Here’s what I wrote:

The greatest risk we’ll take is the risk for connection. “To love is to be vulnerable.” Being vulnerable is scary. Overcoming that fear and just loving might be the hardest thing we’ll ever do in our lives. The danger is we could live our lives so focused on our flaws and so wanting to guard them that we don’t make that risk for connection. But what happens is we miss out on the beauty of love. We settle for a cheaper, easier version of it. What happens is we become too focused on projecting our best self that we lose out on true connection. What happens is what we believe is protecting us actually harms us.

“The courage to truly, selflessly, irrationally love is the greatest accomplishment of the human heart.” – Asha Noel Iyer (read your article today on Thrive Global, it inspired me!)



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