being happy in your 20’s

1. We are all in the same boat

2. No one has their stuff together, despite what it looks like on the world of Facebook

3. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, Paul Walker could still be alive

4. You’re more adult than you think

5. Anything to add? (Like I said, we’re all in this together)


One comment

  1. I love you Andi; I so happy I discovered this and so happy I discovered it today! I’ve been on a mission for the last year and you could say out destinations are similar; happiness. Both within myself and in the world around me. We see constant suffering and we are often the source of our own; raised in a society plagued by superficial concerns there are few of us brave and courageous enough to break free from those restricting forces- I’ve always known you to be one of them. At times when you doubted yourself most and I felt you retreat; I never second guessed the eternal beauty that radiates from you- this is another example of that endless faith. Recently Zholl told me how he got to see you and how well your doing; it made me smile from ear to ear… Whether its him in China, you in Thailand, Vicky in south America or myself wandering around Europe it brings me warm and hopefully contentment that the American ignorance has not broken our spirits; it’s empowered them. Continue to see the good in people and yourself- some days it’s easy to shine and sometimes the light of day is engulfed in the darkness of the unknown lives we’ve chosen to endure. I thank you for returning the sunshine to my storm today. I love you; I miss you, continue triumphantly being you.

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