what makes you happy


writing in journals
being with people
when baked goods turn out well

hanging out with friends
yarn stores
new shoes

farmers market
When children spontaneously hug you

Unexpectedly hearing a song at just the right moment
a huge cup of hot coffee
huge mugs
being near a body of water

friends having fun with kirstie and I doing nothing
being appreciated having people who love you no matter what and know you inside and out
seeing people with flowers and thinking of where they are going with them

seeing people that are so in love that they can’t stop
pretty things
seeing people dressed prettily

having a good brunch after a good night’s sleep
finishing jogging
being proud of something ive accomplished, being praised for it

spending vacations in a different country
having the possibility to go wherever I want to go/do whatever I want to do without being dependent on other people
living in a city is really important for me (or a place that is not boring)being satisfied with who you are
doing what you want
never pretending

watching people appreciate cultural activities ie art at a museum
the smell of fresh brewed coffee
family dinners

my children
happy people

driving fast cars
sharing something exciting
riding bicycles

seeing the big picture
having hobbies
having a goal or vision

having a good time with my friends
my business partner
when my friends are happy

When I’m thirsty and I find a glass of water
Hot shower after a cold day
Drugs and alcohol

Fresh air

My family
My boyfriend

A perfectly made dirty martini
A really good 5 course meal
Long drives with no one else but darkness and nice music
An awesome road trip

A nice glass of whiskey
A baller evening
A good bike ride in the country
And sleeping in a park

My dog

Beach at night
Saturday nights at the stadium

Scalding shower
Great football game

A really big cup of coffee
Coming up a bend and seeing something really exciting or surprising


Listening to music outside ie jazz festivals
Completely carefree and lazy mornings when you know you don’t have anything to do and you can relax
Dancing – preferably less structured

Being outside when it’s nice
Hume lake
The nature
Spending time with people


My work
My phd students
My grandchildren

Green apples
A good chat with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while

My family
Giving other people presents
Making other people happy

The smell of freshly brewed coffee
Family dinners
Being alive

When my friends are happy

Good conversation

My boyfriend
Driving on the highways in Germany when it’s just getting dark

My dog
Good weather

Good company
Good weather

Feeling the love of others
My own space
To feel like I’ve helped somebody by giving them something

holding a warm puppy

A cool breeze on a warm afternoon
Watching a butterfly float in the air
Listening to the birds chirp

Being somewhere I’ve never been before.
A great movie in the cinema

Being in a new and foreign place

Hot showers
Good food
My mom

good friends/family
contagious laughter
trying new food

A new book
Doing something right
Being somewhere where no one else is or has been for a long time aka discovering something new.

babysitting a 3 year old and 6 month baby
6 week happiness program

Pauline buying Emily things

Giving hugs
Playing with my niece and nephew
Good music

Good mood
Good food

My family
My dog
White wine and Milka Chocolate Bars

Meeting people
Connection that makes you feel like you have known them for so much longer
Sangria on Tuesday night

I don’t know

Enjoying life
Looking forward to the achievement of my next goal

Coffee first thing in the morning
Putting yourself out there when they result in beautiful moments or realization
The experiences that make you love the people you have always had but never appreciated


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